Indonesia Kontemporer in London

Indonesia Kontemporer in London
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Who has never dreamt to go to London? Everybody has, but who has ever thought that the Londoners also wanted to go to Indonesia and love our cultures? :D My friend from London, Adrian Scanlon—who is an Indonesian-British —told me that there was a very cool event held on 15 October 2011 in London to celebrate the Indonesian art and culture called “Indonesia Kontemporer” which organized by ARTi. The event was a creative mixing between performances, handcrafts, stalls, exhibitions, and foods. The aim of ARTi itself was to promote artists from around the world who are inspired by Indonesian art and culture. The founder of ARTi, Mrs. Felicia Gerda Nayoan-Siregar who is an alumni of Marketing Management in University of Indonesia, moved to London in 1995 and has been involved in some cultural events in South East London. Since it is a non-profit organization, ARTi has several sponsorships like the Indonesian Embassy in London, SOAS University, Cita Tenun Indonesia, Bank of Indonesia and Warung Tujuh. Most of the participants were British and some of them were Indonesians. Adrian’s sister, Laura Scanlon, also participated in this event. She joined Jagat Gamelan and performed in Javanese Gamelan Performance. For this event, Adrian (@ImCalledAdrian) made an awesome video to sum up all activities and the result is really nice. He was graduated from Bournemoth University of Television Production and kindly willing to produce more videos about Indonesia. You can see the video by searching "Indonesia Kontemporer 2011 - ARTi UK" on youtube. This event amazed a lot of people in Britain and also broadcasted by Metro Tv. Just by reading the articles and watch the videos make me so proud of being Indonesian. If foreigners love our culture, why can’t we love more? Here for the video: And here for ARTi website: Image Source: written for Good News From Indonesia by Sabila Ayu Bestari (@byllalala)

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