Positive Growth in Bali

Positive Growth in Bali
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We all have known Bali as the international destination for vacation. The beauty of the landscape, a viscous-culture environment, and hospitality make everyone enjoys Bali and always willing to comeback. But, after the bombing in 2002 and 2005 people are wondering if Bali is really a paradise. After almost 10 years since the first bombing, Bali has been improving their security as well as infrastructure, especially for tourism. The island’s success in hosting the ASEAN Summit in November and the ongoing improvements in local infrastructure, including the expansion of Ngurah Rai Airport, are expected to play a crucial role in boosting tourism, which for decades has been the island’s economic backbone. “In 2011, the dynamics of the local economic were quite good and tourism, the biggest contributor to the island’s economy, booked solid performance with the number of foreign visitors growing 10.57 percent. This favorable condition will continue in 2012,”  said Head of the Denpasar office of Bank Indonesia, Jeffry Kairupan. Besides bombing, Bali also has another obstacle in their economic growth. The value and volume of the island’s exports dropped by 4.24 percent in 2011 mostly due to the contraction of the global economy. Industry and trade data from the province showed that the total value of last year’s exports was US$497.8 million, a 4.24 percent decrease from $519.9 million in the previous year. But, in the bright side the reduction in the island’s exports could be compensated for by developing new markets in the Middle East. Europe, Japan and the United States are traditional markets for the island’s export commodities. When the economic crisis hit these traditional markets, the volume and value of the island’s exports dropped significantly. In 2011, exports generated more than US$497 million, a 4.24 percent decrease from the value recorded in 2010. Bali is still one of world's most famous holiday destination. This can be seen from the number of foreign visitors in Bali which has grown up to 10.57 percent in 2011. And also, despite the financial crisis gripping their nation since 2008, American visitors still take long-haul flights to vacation on Bali. In 2011, the number of American visitors reached 90,154, a 24.96 percent increase from the number recorded in the previous year. Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2012/02/15/bali-predicted-experience-positive-growth.htmlhttps://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2012/02/03/bali-s-exports-drop-due-global-crisis.html

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