Dangdut in UNESCO

Dangdut in UNESCO
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The Indonesian government has agreed to throw its full support behind dangdut music being enlisted as Indonesian musical heritage by UNESCO. “We fully agree with the aspiration that dangdut should be recognized as part of Indonesia’s heritage. Therefore, we need to go all out to fulfill all the necessary requirements in the [application] process,” Coordinating People’s Welfare Minister Agung Laksono said Saturday as quoted by Antara. He was speaking before the national meeting of the Indonesia Dangdut-Melayu Artists Association in Surabaya, East Java. He said he was optimistic that the global organization would accept the proposal since dangdut music was heard only in this country. He suggested all stakeholders should consult with relevant parties, including the Education and Culture Ministry, the Youth and Sports Ministry and the Office of the Coordinating People’s Welfare Minister, regarding the plan. “To strengthen its continued existence, the world must acknowledge this music,” he said. First popularized by one of the country’s most influential musical figures,Rhoma Irama in the 1970s, dangdut went on to become one of the most popular schools of music in the country. Essentially, dangdut is a fusion of traditional Indian music and pop music. (iwa/dic) taken from The Jakarta Post

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