Indonesian students win ICYS silver medals

Indonesian students win ICYS silver medals
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Two Indonesian students have won silver medals in the 19th International Conference of Young Scientists (ICYS) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, according to a statement sent to The Jakarta Post on Thursday. Shanon Canamara and Rayner Jong, grade 10 and 12 students at Santa Laurensia, a private school at Alam Sutra housing estate in South Tangerang, secured the medals for their research project entitled “Plastic Bamboo Composite: At peace with waste.” In the research, Shanon and Rayner used composite material from bamboo and plastic trash to form a wall structure that deadened sound. The ICYS assembles students with good academic achievements to compete in scientific research contests. The 19th ICYS conference was held from April 16 to April 23. Hundreds of students from 22 countries took part in the contest this year. (iwa) (taken from The Jakarta Post)

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