Tall Ship Dewaruci reaches Miami harbor, U.S.A: Rendezvous with Indonesian Community

Tall Ship Dewaruci reaches Miami harbor, U.S.A: Rendezvous with Indonesian Community
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After sailing from New Orleans for approximately 851 miles, the Tall Ship Dewaruci reached Miami Harbor on Saturday, 28 April 2012 at 11.30 local time. The ship was in fact 3 days ahead of schedule from the estimated 8 days’ trip due to its speed of 7 to 8 knot daily. Upon arrival at Miami, no Roll Parade, GS Mini or dance performances were held aboard Dewaruci since the docking was not part of Operation Sail 2012 but was to pick up Indonesian Navy cadets who were flown in from Surabaya. The cadets joined the ship to follow special training that will last until early July. Starting Monday, 30th April 2012, the cadets will follow the Navy’s Educational curriculum until reaching Boston. From there, they will fly back to Indonesia to continue their study in the Naval academy in Surabaya. For about two months, the cadets will receive special training including in art and cultural performances which they will present at ports of call and during cocktail parties. “The Tall Ship Dewaruci has played a significant role as a training vessel for Navy cadets so they can master the skill of navigation, especially in navigation by astronomy and Naval operational management” Commander of the Tall Ship Dewaruci, Navy Colonel Haris Bima Bayusetio, accompanied by Navy Major Osben Alibos Naibaho received a simple but warm welcome from the city commissioner of Miami. Both parties exchanged souvenirs in front of the line up crew and cadets who were dressed in traditional Indonesian costume. On Sunday, 29 April 2012, a simple cocktail party was held at the J Pier of Miami Harbor which was attended by the Indonesian communities residing in Miami, Florida and nearby areas. Present at the cocktail party were Indonesian Naval Defense Attaché for the United States, Navy Colonel Anwar Saadi, the Indonesia Consulate General of Houston, Al Busro Basnur, and hundreds of Indonesian. Since the J Pier is restricted and closed to the public, invitees to the Tall Ship had to pass strict procedures, therefore, it was decided that an open ship session inviting Miami citizens to the ship was not held. However, the cocktail party received a warm welcome from the Indonesian Community. Several traditional dances were performed, including the Badinding (from Minangkabau/Padang, West Sumatra),the Reog Ponorogo (from Ponorogo, East Java), and the Rampak Gendang (from West Java). The traditional art performances were also interspersed with contemporary music given by the Dewaruci Band. Indonesian communities living in Miami were enthusiastic to mingle and take pictures with the crew and cadets of the Dewaruci, as if a balm for their homesickness. They were thrilled to listen to distinct Indonesian music such as Dangdut, Campursari, and traditional songs. Adding to the “home” ambience was the variety of Indonesian popular culinary dishes served including Fried Rice, Bakso, Rendang, and many others. The voyage of the Tall Ship Dewaruci circumnavigating the globe in year 2012 is both a diplomatic and educational mission. The voyage has also become a media to promote Indonesian Tourism, supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. The ship will also take part in the Operation Sail 2012 in the United States which is held to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the War. (Source : live report Kapten Laut (KH) Sapto Budiarso for www.indonesia.travel 3 Comments Yoreparoo Posted on 6 May 2012 at 09:26

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