Airbus A400 for Indonesia. Anyone?

Airbus A400 for Indonesia. Anyone?
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Airbus Military is confident about the A400M's prospects in Indonesia and says it is open to collaborating with Dirgantara Indonesia on work share if Jakarta buys the airlifter.

"If they buy the aircraft, we'll discuss with local industry how they can participate," says Ignacio Alonso, Airbus Military's senior vice-president for commercial, strategy, and industrial relations in Asia. "It's too soon to say how they could collaborate, but we are open to discussing collaboration."

"The A400M fits their current and future needs very well, both for military and humanitarian relief," he adds.

He was speaking after the conclusion of the A400M's Asian debut tour in April. The trip saw aircraft MSN4 visit Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Malaysia is the first non-European nation to order the aircraft, with an order for four. During the Thailand visit, the Thai defence minister flew on the aircraft from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

Alonso also provided more details about Indonesia's nine aircraft C-295 purchase that was announced at the Singapore air show in February. The aircraft will be operated by the Indonesian air force and will be designated CN-295 in Indonesian service. The Indonesian government is still arranging for the financing of the aircraft and Alonso expects the first two to be delivered this year.

When it announced the CN-295 deal in February, Airbus Military said Dirgantara Indonesia will manufacture the tail empennage as well as the rear fuselage and fuselage panels. The final assembly line for the last two aircraft will be located in Indonesia and Dirgantara Indonesia will also establish a service centre.

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