“Wonderful Indonesia” in Korea

“Wonderful Indonesia” in Korea
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The Indonesian pavilion at the huge ongoing Yeosu Korea Expo 2012 carries the theme :” Wonderful Indonesia: Sustaining Tropical Diversity” . The tagline follows the overall theme of the Expo ,held in the largest southern harbour of South Korea: “The Living Ocean and Coast”, “Dreams for the Ocean of the Future. Harmony for Humanity in Yeosu”. The Wonderful Indonesia Pavilion has as logo the ancient coelacanth fish, caught in North Sulawesi in 1999, that experts had considered extinct. The Yeosu Expo 2012 which is participated by 160 countries was officially opened in a spectacular ceremony by South Korea President Lee Myung-Bak on Saturday, 12 May. The Expo which will run for 3 months from 12 May to 12 August is expected to draw 8 million people. In Korea Expo 2012, Indonesia’s Pavilion, located among the Pacific countries, shows how the Indonesian seas have long been important sealanes for world’s maritime traffic. A number of historic items found at the bottom of Indonesia’s seas are also exhibited here, said Gellwynn Jusuf, Secretary General of the Ministry for the Seas and Fisheries, in charge of the Pavilion. Here we also promote Indonesia’s wonderfully rich underwater life that are world tourist attractions, such as the Wakatobi National Park, and the Lembeh and Bunaken Park in North Sulawesi and others. Other products promoted are Indonesia’s fishcatch and its sustainable management so as to provide adequate living for fishermen, said Gellwynn. Indonesia’s participation at this Ocean Expo is important considering thatIndonesia is a maritime nation with the largest seas in the world. We wish to tell the world that Indonesia is very concerned with the sustainable development of the ocenas which will be the global ecoomic source of the future. Meanwhile, Indonesian Ambassador to South Korea, Nick T Dammen stated that Indonesia’s presence at the Yuosu Korea Expo 2012 is important since this is the first time that the Expo was held by the Korean Government in the country’s largest harbor in the southern part of Korea. (Source: antaranews, indonesia.travel)

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