Majority Believes Indonesia Can Be Next Superpower. Do You?

Majority Believes Indonesia Can Be Next Superpower. Do You?
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An overwhelming majority of Indonesians believe that Indonesia can become a “superpower” nation, provided it can ensure basic necessities for its citizens, a survey showed. According to a recent poll by Soegeng Sarjadi Syndicate — who has conducted several surveys recently about Indonesian's political moods — some 80 percent of the country believes in Indonesia's potential as a global great. “This phenomenon indicates strong optimism among the public. They believe that Indonesia will rise up as a victor in global competitions,” survey coordinator Muhammad Dahlan said while presenting the results of the survey in Jakarta on Wednesday. There were total of 2,192 respondents representing the country’s 33 provinces, 54 percent of whom were males, according to SSS representatives.

Dahlan said 32 percent of the respondents thought sufficient supplies of food, clothing and shelter were indicators of a superpower state, while 21 percent believed a superpower revolved around accessible education and health care services. Seventeen percent of the respondents said job availability was a requirement, and smaller percentages (almost 11 percent) said the economy should be robust.  Seven percent of respondents said advanced science and technology (7.6 percent) and a strong military (4.7) were essential for a nation to grab the superpower title.

“Other indicators are modern industry and active involvement in global peacekeeping missions, with 2.6 percent and 1.3 percent of respondents [agreeing to these],” Dahlan said. He added most of the respondents believe that superpower status can be achieved through strong leadership. BeritaSatu/JG

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