Media can be a great force for the nation's ad

Media can be a great force for the nation's ad
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JAKARTA,UMN – Two senior journalists and a media experts talks about media in Indonesia at a seminar in a topic titled, “The importance of Building Peace Journalisme through Informations and Educations contents” on Pekan Komunikasi at University of Indonesia, Tuesday (6/3). They are Senior Editor Kompas daily Budiarto Shambazy, ex-editor in chief Liputan 6 SCTV Rosiana Silalahi and Founder of Goodnews From Indonesia (GNFI) Akhyari Hananto. Moderated by Inaya Rakhmani, lecture in University of Indonesia. Each of them give their personal insight about media in Indonesia.

                The first speaker, Budiarto Shambazy, said that in a nowadays people prefer to believe media than public officers. People have no longer believe in the three combination politic, or as known as, trias politica. “They are thieves! Trias Poli-thieves-ca! Excu-thieves! Legisla-thieves! Judica-thieves! So, no wonder that people show more respect and give media more trust than those three right there,” said journalist who had been working for Kompas since 1982. But he also warn that they are none of media in this world that are hundred percent neutral. “Because every media had policy, ideology and the owner interest. It’s called agenda setting theory,” said man who also a host in Big Baz show at Kompas TV. Meanwhile, the second speaker, Rosiana Silalahi explain that most of television program in Indonesia is fulfilled by low quality content of broadcast. “News television station provide a lot of violence, criminal and the other that far from educated points. We are surrounded by such junks as that.”
Having two insight from media, the third speaker Akhyari Hananto, share different perspective. “Bad news in Indonesian media, nowadays is really and literally cost so much bad advertising fo Indonesia,” said him explaining about background stories making GNFI. The man that clearly agree that his movement is obviously against journalistic principle, said that one of the solution is increasing people’s media literacy.

(The Jakarta Post)

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