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Gold Cert. Thank you
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Indonesia gets award in Basel trade exhibition

Indonesia’s recent participation in the Mustermesse Basel (Muba) trade fair in Switzerland has received a “Gold Certificate” award for its innovative and entertaining pavilion. The award was given by Muba director Chris Eichenberger to Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein Djoko Susilo, who was accompanied by Enny Wahyuni Soebroto from the Trade Ministry, according to an embassy press release. In his speech, Eichenberger said that Indonesia had attracted visitors and exhibitors through its commodities on display and cultural performances.

“Not only has Indonesia impressed visitors and [Swiss] government officials, it also attracted businesspeople who eventually purchased the commodities,” Eichenberger said at a ceremony on Sunday afternoon that marked the close of the 10-day exhibition. Eichenberger said that deals had been signed by Indonesian small- and medium-scale businesses with several Swiss firms. According a source at the embassy who declined to be named to discuss the issue, several Swiss executives signed contracts with Indonesian firms to buy furniture, spices, silver jewelry, woven textile and numerous handicrafts. The source declined to discuss the volume or the value of the contracts. The annual trade exhibition that ran from Feb. 22 through March 3 booked 400,000 visitors this year — an increase from 300,000 people in previous years. Many visitors came from France and Germany, which share borders with Basel, Switzerland’s industrial center. Djoko Susilo previously said that he hoped Indonesia’s participation would help boost the nation’s export to Switzerland. In spite of its small population of 7.2 million, Switzerland has relatively high purchasing power. “We hope we can continue to take part in trade fairs such as this one in Basel or in other cities,” Djoko Susilo added. Indonesia’s delegates were supported by the Trade Ministry, the Investment Coordinating Board, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry and the Indonesian embassy in Bern.

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