Social Entrepreneurship Project

Social Entrepreneurship Project
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Social Entrepreneurship Project


Social Entrepreneurship Project is a project to raise society awareness, especially youth in Jakarta, of social business. Social Business is a new model of business that is newly emerged. What makes social business different with other models of business is that the profit from social business is used to fulfill clear social mission and make positive impact to society. This Project is also one of AIESEC UI ways to engage youth nowadays to AIESEC. AIESEC is an international youth platform, nowday AIESEC has 110 members around the world.

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One of AIESEC members is AIESEC Indonesia where AIESEC UI as one branch of it.  This year Social Entrepreneurship Project AIESEC UI is themed “ Familiarizing Social Business”


Im encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun. -Muhammad Yunus-


How to Realize?

AIESEC UI realizes how impactful social entrepreneurship can be in Jakarta. However there are still a few people who recognize social enterprises in Jakarta despite the impact that it can make to the society. That is why AIESEC UI is determined to introduce this business to society, so youth can be aware of what social entrepreneurship is and furthermore we hope they can be inspired by what this business does and do the same thing for their society. This project is also made to engage more youth to AIESEC.

 Up Coming Event

Field Trip

An obligatory for 50 National Essay Competition participants. The field trip is held to hopefully make the participants closer to social enterprises. Beside closer, the participants can feel the social enterprises atmosphere.

Date                :  Friday, April 12th 2013

Place                :  Social Entrepreneurship around Jabodetabek

Seminar Series

Seminar “ Familiarizing Social Business” is free and open for public. This seminar limited to 150 participants only. Why should you attend seminar. through seminar series you will know how social entrepreneurship impact to society ,  get skill of social enterprises, and also as media for you to get closer to social enterprises.

Who are the speakers?

Zainal Abidin                           ( CEO & Founder Social Entrepreneurship School )

Mohammad Baedowy                        (CEO & Founder Majestic Buana )

Yuri Pratama                            (CEO & Founder UrchiIndonesia )

Ahmad Juwani

Date    : April 13th 2013

Time    : 09.00-18.00

Place    :Hotel Oasis Amir

Promotion Day


This will be the last event of AIESEC UI social entrepreneurship project whic aims to increase awareness of social enterprises to the society. The promotion will take place in car free day ,Thamrin Jakarta on April 14th 2013. The 50 National Essay Competition Finalist are delegated to collect signatures from people in sign which represents the awareness of the society.

This event sponsored by :

The Development Bank  of Singapore ( DBS )









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