Jakarta Moral Movement

Jakarta Moral Movement
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What’s Jakarta Moral Movement?

Jakarta Moral Movement is our humble effort to redefine and discuss morality as well as taking a look at youth-related behavioral issues, together with Jakarta’s young generation. From this movement we hope we can instill a clear sense of morality into Jakarta’s young generation and inspire them to do things in order to make their society a better place to live in.

Throughout this year, from the end of April until December, we’re going to conduct a series of events ranging from performances to seminars, all in line with our goals and hopes we stated before.

#HaveYouBeenNiceToday? is our tagline. It represents our desire to start this movement by taking the first look at yourself and how you behave. Because we believe the smallest thing, as in making sure you make others feel nice: smiling, saying thank you and greeting them properly, can make a major change in the way we interact, and develops our attitude nicely in terms of morality.

This project is an implementation of Nadia Ismi Prameswary’s social project plans, taken up by LookAround Indonesia, a NGO focusing on social and youth matters, as their big project for this year.


What brings us to this cause?

Jakarta’s young generation is a group of people full of fresh ideas, talent and thankfully, the will to act. The generation has the potential to take Jakarta to greater heights as a city as well as a society, but in doing so, they need some clear paths to follow and the correct attitude to match. Morality and social norms become a relevant standard to build both those paths and attitude, and the responsibility lies upon the generation itself, to reeducate themselves about these things and check upon their behavior in order to ensure they’re ready to make their society a better place. As a part of the generation, we’re taking the initiative to do this. Not because we think we are better in ways of morality than others in our generation, but because we feel that we need to make each of ourselves a better human being, and we need to fulfill a debt we owe ourselves as a generation.


Our Events




We’re making visits to selected senior high schools in Jakarta, to publicize our event as well as conducting mini-seminars, held by junior speakers and our own committees, about day-to-day attitude and behavior. So far we’ve visited SMAN 34 Jakarta, and are planning to visit 9 more schools until the end of June, which includes SMAN 6 Jakarta, SMAN 28 Jakarta, SMAN 109 Jakarta, SMAN 97 Jakarta, SMAN 49 Jakarta, SMAN 66 Jakarta, SMAN 104 Jakarta, SMKN 57 Jakarta and SMKN 41 Jakarta.



We’re going to conduct a parade at Jakarta’s Car Free Day on June 9th, to attract more people to our cause. On this parade we will hold brief orations, flash mob and a marching band performance.



The Awareness Night is our fundraising effort for the events, showcasing the committees’ talents in the arts, in form of band, dance performance and visual arts exhibition. In this event, we’re encouraging the visitors to donate their money voluntarily for our event and to participate in the main event. Aside from the performances, this event will also include artwork auctions, and the press conference for our main event. The Awareness Night will be held on June 11th at Tryst’s Living, Kemang

The Main Event



We are currently accepting essay submission from youths aged 16 to 22 about their concept of morality. The essays are then will be carefully selected by renowned scholars from Universitas Indonesia, and the top 30 submittor will be awarded the title Jakarta’s Young Moral Ambassador. These ambassadors are allowed entry to our forum, in which they will receive training and lectures regarding morality and behavioral issues, as well as public speaking training and creativity class to enhance their personal skills. Confirmed speakers and include Ariyo Ardi (news anchor for Seputar Indonesia RCTI), and Komunitas PeriKertas. The Forum will be held on June 29th at Galeri Hadiprana Kemang.



This event is the ‘pinnacle’ of our movement. In the festival we will hold public talkshows with public figures, experts and youth icons, where they will share their opinion on Jakarta’s young generation, their take on attitude and their ways to succeed in life with the right kind of behavior. This festival also will include bazaar and performances from guest stars and various youth performing art groups in Jakarta. Confirmed speakers including Dik Doank, Kasandra Putranto, Yunus Kuntawiaji and Dhita Wirapradja. The Festival will be held on July 2nd at Usmar Ismail Hall Kuningan.

After Event



Together with our community partners, the committee and Jakarta’s Young Moral Ambassadors will share their experience and what knowledge they obtained through our main event to kids from 5 to 15 year old in various grassroot education communities across Jakarta and its neighboring cities. Through this, we hope we can pave the way for a good moral sense in the even younger generation and ensure this movement will continue afterwards.


Target and Reach


Throughout the length of our event, we’re hoping to get 1000 people in the age range of 5-25 to participate. And seeing how things are going, the prospect of reaching this number this is quite good. In terms of publicity and awareness, our social media networks have reached numbers as such: Our twitter account’s number of followers has once reached 2200 since its establishment in February. More than 1000 people have viewed our first teaser video on YouTube, and our Facebook posts is read by averagely 500 people each. Physical publication is also being done, as we’re spreading our posters and flyer to numerous places in Jakarta and once conducted a publicity stunt (flashmob) in eX Plaza Indonesia with help of our media partner.

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