Romantic suspense, inspired by Indonesia

Romantic suspense, inspired by Indonesia
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Imagine turning to the window only to see massive logs bracketing the boat and hammering their way in the opposite direction, down-river. Fast forward to a lodge where the jungle sings and screeches around you in a place where you can only see rushing river and verdant green. Here I was in Borneo — it was unbelievable. It was in the heart of the rain forest where I discovered the people who had carved a life out of this place where nature clearly had the advantage. I remember standing on a time-worn loghouse veranda and looking at a pair of darkened human skulls that dangled from the rafters. The guide cheerfully said that they were the skulls of the last heads taken by the Iban over a hundred years ago. Truth or fiction? I don’t know but it was at that point that my latest romantic suspense, Fatal Intent, was born. Indonesia inspires romantic suspense

Author Ryshia Kennie.

An expedition into the Borneo rain forest is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for entomologist Garrett Cole. It’s this trip that could finally make her a star in her field. But when her team’s guide is found dead and headless on the banks of the river, Garrett’s dream trek suddenly becomes a nightmare. Lost in the heart of the jungle, she must fight to maintain her composure while leading a panicked team of scientists to safety. When sexy and rugged Aidan arrives in the jungle looking as if he belongs, Garrett has no choice but to accept his help. But Aidan is more than she bargained for — a man of few words and fewer answers, as comfortable in the jungle as the mysterious native tribesmen. And as the days pass and passion flares between them, Garrett wonders if Aidan’s good intentions are just another of the jungle’s illusions. In a land rife with predators and a killer still on the loose, can she trust the one man who claims to be their rescuer? “Ryshia’s writing keeps you hooked from beginning to end, constantly adding in unexpected twists and slowly revealing parts of the story. Ryshia creates characters that you can connect to and grow to love and puts them into a story like no other.” — Katie L. Thompson Fatal Intent is an e-book available at all major online bookstores. For more information on Fatal Intent or my other books, go to

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