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Memory of The World
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UNESCO adds two historic Indonesian manuscripts to Memory of the World
Posted on 24 Jun 2013 at 11:45 | Views: 461  UNESCO adds two historic Indonesian manuscripts to Memory of the World The autobiography of Indonesian hero Prince Diponegoro entitled “Babad Diponegoro” and “Negarakertagama”, a eulogy written by the poet Empu Prapanca to King Hayam Wuruk and Prime Minister Gajah Mada of the great Majapahit kingdom, are now listed in the UNESCO Memory of the World, announced the organization in its website at recent signing of the list by Unesco Director General, Irina Bokova.  The two Indonesian manuscripts are part of 52 documents included this year in the collective Memory of the World. Prince Diponegoro was a prince of the royal court of Yogyakarta who waged war against the Dutch between 1825-1830,  in the largest-known war ever held by the Dutch on Java. The war was, therefore, also called: the Java War.  Diponegoro was lured by the Dutch to a meeting in Batavia, where he was captured. He was first jailed in the dungeons of the Stadhuis inOld Batavia, then exiled to Manado, in North Sulawesi, and further kept imprisoned in Fort Rotterdam in Makassar, South Sulawesi, where he died on 8 January 1855.  During his exile in Manado from May 1831- February 1832, Diponegoro wrote the Babad Diponegoro, the first ever biography in Indonesian literature, said Peter Carey, expert on Indonesian history. Submission to Unesco of both the Babad Diponegoro and the Negarakertagama were made jointly by the Indonesian National Library and the Koninklijk Instituut for Taal,-Land,-en Volkenkunde (KITLV) – the Royal Institute for Language, Lands and Anthropology in the Netherlands, since the original manuscripts are kept in Holland, and a copy in Indonesia. Babad Diponegoro was written by hand in the Arabic script by Prince Diponegoro himself, reports Kompas daily. While, the Negarakertagama was first determined in 2005 by Unesco as Memory of the World for the Asia-Pacific, but only this year has it been included as Memory of the World globally, explained Peter Carey. Negarakertagama itself is an epic poem written in the ancient Javanese language by the poet Prapanca in 1365. During the reign of King Hayam Wuruk (1350-1389) and his exemplary Prime Minister Gajah Mada, the kingdom ofMajapahit, which had its seat in East Java, reached its golden age in power, extensive territory, culture and welfare of the people.  Majapahit is said to have held sway over the present Indonesian islands from Sumatra to Java, Bali, Lombok, Borneo, Celebes to Papua New Guinea and beyond, that included Singapore, parts of Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and the Sulu Islands in the Philippines. (Kompas)

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