Malindo Air "Pulang Kampung"

Malindo Air "Pulang Kampung"
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New Malaysian budget carrier Malindo Air, a joint venture between fast-growing Indonesian carrier Lion Air and Malaysia’s National Aerospace and Defense Industries, announced new routes on Monday that will open more flights between Malaysia and Indonesia.

“The increasing demand is an opportunity for Malindo Air to develop its operation between Malaysia and Indonesia, by opening routes from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta and from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar — routes that will serve passengers seven days a week,” Edward Sirait, general affairs director of Lion Air, in a statement on Monday.

He said rapid economic growth in the Malaysian capital had caused the rise in demand.

The new route between Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta will open on Monday, Sept. 23, and flights between Kaula Lumpur and and Denpasar, Bali, will begin on Sept. 26.

“This will facilitate trips to Indonesia for business people and tourists in Malaysia,” Edward said. “The business and tourism sectors in the two areas [Jakarta and Bali] are really attractive.”

Malindo is a joint venture between Indonesia’s Lion Air and Malaysia’s National Aerospace and Defense Industries, based in Kuala Lumpur. Lion Air has a 49 percent stake in the company, which launched its first route on March 22, 2013, between Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu, the capital of the East Malaysian state of Sabah.

Malindo is the first airline to operate the Boeing 737-900ER in Malaysia. For its first year, the airline will rely on 12 of these short- to medium-range, twin-engine jets provided by Lion Air.

Edward said the company hoped to have 100 of these aircraft in the next decade, and to expand their offerings from Kuala Lumpur to include many more routes, including some flights that exceed five hours.

Lion Air signed record deals of $22.4 billion for 230 Boeing 737 airliners and $24 billion for 234 Airbuses, which the company intends to use in its rapid expansion.

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