What If Changes Can Happen through Corporate-Outing?

What If Changes Can Happen through Corporate-Outing?

Visit Gunung Padang, A Giant Megalithic Site in West Java | Doc: Wanderlust Indonesia

Connect Travelers & Locals.

Have you ever tried combining your corporate outing with social activity? Have you ever heard about Responsible Travel? or Have you and your company members visited local village as a different way to enjoy corporate outing? Let's find out what you can get through this article.

Corporate outing becomes compulsory agenda as the way to level up the bounding between team members, recharge the energy and counter the boredom at work. In the market, the method of corporate outing seems quite old-school. Millennial era triggers our society mindset and demand to experience different dimension of a leisure journey and desire to create the newest sophisticated formula in completing the blanks by combining travel, tourism and social projects. Local village embody the genuine system of working together as human being and this situation could be adapted and become a role model within your workspace.

Jakarta Heritage | Wanderlust Indonesia
Jakarta Heritage | Wanderlust Indonesia

Conditioning corporate retreat as if your are traveling is the best option for you and your team members. Moreover, traveling out of the downtown and connect with locals are the best reference to refresh your mind and soul from exhaustion. Combining the idea of travel and voluntary action to create Responsible Travel is the value that will bring positive vibe for you. You are going to directly meet and see how the situation around the village when you visit them. Throughout this value, companies can share and leave the genuine marks to the locals and the places they visit.

Besides granting them access to get additional income, traveling to their village can give unforgettable moment for you. Along the journey you will be coddled by the actual atmosphere of indigenous living, exotic views and eastern local wisdom. These tourism spots can trigger new insight and genuine perspective about our diversity.

Bring your company to feel the beauty of local tourism spots.

Basically, Indonesia has many potential unique places to be explored i.e. Gunung Padang in Cianjur West Java, Sebesi Island near Mount Krakatoa, National Park Ujung Kulon and Bayan Village in Lombok. Several tourism spots in these places adapt community-based tourism. Tourism spots in these places are purely and truly managed by locals as their intention to promote the villages globally. Either the operators like tour guide, food provider or homestay rental are organized by the locals without completely relying on tour operators or large hotel chains. Your visitation to these places eventually will benefit them in terms of income and recognition which automatically contribute to their development goals.

We grow in the era where many people get busier to do their work. People need something fresh to erase the boredom at work. Connect with the simplicity of life in the village and unite with nature is the rightest idea to feed your body as a whole, literally!

Krakatoa with Wanderlust Indonesia | Doc: Wanderlust Indonesia
Krakatoa with Wanderlust Indonesia | Doc: Wanderlust Indonesia

Think! You can see there are many Millennials spend their time going around the world to meet the other type of uniqueness, including Indonesia. Then why is it exciting? Because you can feel something you don't get while you are working. Coddled by the nature is like bringing you to feel how soft the nature is.

To get any perspective about what your company can do:

  1. Have an adventure with the team by trekking Mount Padang in Cianjur, then gather with locals and community development around the location
  1. Experience canoeing in Ujung Kulon river and you can capture a togetherness moment in traveling along with having a sharing session with local children there
  1. Dare yourself to see the beauty of Mount Krakatoa from Sebesi Island and enjoy the leisure followed by voluntary action with locals
  1. Feel the authenticity of Jakarta Heritage and Legendary Culinary through going around Jakarta since it has many underrated historical places
  1. Cisompet Garut provides you the atmosphere of simplicity to live like a local in the village. It’s good to connect you with nature while doing a trip with the team members.

As a closing, let me remind you something. We are living in Indonesia, one of the biggest archipelago country, then why don't we try to start exploring and connect with them one by one?

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