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We (Will Always) Secure Ambalat

Akhyari Hananto
Akhyari Hananto
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We (Will Always) Secure Ambalat
It's been quite a while since the last time I got updated with issues over Ambalat area, until few days ago when Malaysia naval fleets intruded into it without being able to be contacted by Indonesian counterpart. The ending was easy to find out, Indonesian naval fleet escorted them out.
In this case, I has a strong stance that sovereignty over territory is an absolute thing. However, I rule out the possibility of frontal war between the two navies which will cost so much in terms of life, energy, and money. Naval battle is so much more expensive compared to land battle. If you can still recall, Russia economy was badly hit by the cost of short war with Georgia earlier this year. Indonesia, is of course not as strong as Russia in term of military capability, and even a short naval war will cost our economy much. Not to mention our global image which has been famous for our soft diplomacy.
For now, what we can do is to avoid triggering war. We will defend our territory, in a non-war way. Our generals know very much that our naval capability is more than enough to defend our Ambalat without wasting any bullet.  Our president knows, that war will not result anything but suffering, and development setback.
GNFI knows, that Malaysia government will not go for war against Indonesia as it'll cost them a lot more. War is simply not an option.

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