I am interested in Jeffrey A Winters' view about two digits growth for Indonesia. He said that :
  • With only projecting 7% growth in 2010, Indonesia will be unable to catch up with population growth, and this will not make Indonesia become a ''respected'' global economic player. Seven percent is not enough for Indonesian future.
  • Indonesia must have the courage to set at least 10% growth, starting from next year.
  • Genetically, every single country has the opportunity to achieve two digits growth. What needed is ambition, sense of urgency, aggressiveness, commitment, and initiative.
  • Put the two digits target now!
Indonesia is a great potential country, and will always be one. Nice? Absolutely Not! It's a mocking. We must be the pride of Asia. Let's set 15% growth.
Can we?

Bagaimana menurutmu kawan?

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