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BRIIC Is Only A Matter Of Time

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BRIIC Is Only A Matter Of Time
Goldman Sach, world's most respected investment banking group, once predicted that in 2010, Indonesia's GDP (purchasing power parity) would reach $800 billion. Guess what? Indonesia's GDP (purchase power parity) in 2007 already reached $ 948 billion. Morgan Stanley, another world's top investment bank predicted that Indonesia's economy would top $ 1.5 trillion, and GNFI has a strong confidence that this is another under-prediction. Using 7-8% growth, $1.8 trillion is not really difficult to achieve. That's more than enough for Indonesia to be in an elite ring called BRIIC (Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, and China). Analyst used to say that Mexico will join that club, but eventually, Indonesia is more eligible, in term of steady pace of economic growth and political stability. What Indonesia needs to do now is :
  • keep up this pace
  • promote more
  • inject more funding for infrastructure
  • increase the export
  • attract more visitors
  • produce more Made-in-Indonesia products, and sell overseas.
Yes, you got it. BRING MORE MONEY IN!
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