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[GNFI Weekend Edition] The Westernmost Tip Of Indonesia

Akhyari Hananto
Akhyari Hananto
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[GNFI Weekend Edition] The Westernmost Tip Of Indonesia
[GNFI Weekend Edition] The Westernmost Tip Of Indonesia
One of my most memorable trips was going to the westernmost point of Indonesia Archipelago, which is Sabang, part of Aceh province, sometime in 2007. I really miss every single moment I had there; the beach, the people, the experience, the undersea coral, the food, the night, the dawn, the sunset... everything. Tourists overlook this small island due to its distance, even actually to get there is as easy as blinking your eyes. When I first got there by ferry from Aceh port, I was so stunned to see the small mountainous island, the well-organized settlement, and the politeness of the people. Imagine, a small island which has almost everything to offer to visitors...white-sanded beach, world-class diving spots, small lake, mini volcano, and of course stunning scenery from above the hill. Everywhere you see is calm sea with vessel at afar, and smaller islands. I spent the night fishing with friends, under the moonlight, and a complete serendipity... It was really really nice. Got this from Wikitravel: It is a very mountainous island with many bays, lush vegetation and great views. It is here where Indonesia officially starts ("Kilometer Nol" at the north-western tip of the island). Besides Sabang Town, there are 3 main areas for accommodation on the island: Iboih (the backpacker's favourite), Gapang (has 2 resorts and dive centres) and Sumur Tiga (best beach during the dry season (March - October) with pricier but very good laid back "resorts"). The word "weh" means "move" or "go away" in Acehnese. The island got the name because it's population immigrated here from all over the archipelago.

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