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Progo River Bridge, 1 Of Only 2 Of Its Kind In The World

Farah Fitriani Faruq
Farah Fitriani Faruq
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Progo River Bridge, 1 Of Only 2 Of Its Kind In The World
Progo River Bridge, 1 Of Only 2 Of Its Kind In The World
Indonesia is host to various (even countless) uniqueness, sites or things you can visit and admire. A railway bridge spanning over Progo river, in Kutoarjo, Yogyakarta is one among many. What so unique about the bridge which is originally called Bijlaard Bent is that this bridge doesn't have pillar in the center. There are only two bridges of this kind in the world, one in Kutoarjo, other is in Netherlands which is not used anymore. This bridge has been used since 1957, and it still stands firmly even though many trains pass by everyday. It was designed by CD Mausart on 1930 and considered saver than any conventional railway bridge, because there is no pillar standing in the center of the bridge, obstructing the river flows. Progo Railway bridge holds on a roller under it and was constructed using the finest frame steel. That's why the bridge is earthquake resistant. Every year, many tourists from Netherlands visit this bridge to study its unique design construction. The same bridge in Netherlands is no longer in use. So, curious? News Source: Website Informasi Online Photo Source: Thank you Mr. Ahmad Saiful for the news tips!

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