Gugun Blues Shelter: "Keep the Faith!"

Gugun Blues Shelter: "Keep the Faith!"
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Jakarta-based blues band Gugun Blues Shelter will play in Hyde Park, the UK, next month, along side world-renowned musicians, in a festival celebrating the Hard Rock Café’s 40th anniversary.

The three-manned-band was chosen by a jury and fans who voted online. Gugun Blues Shelter trumped 18 other bands in 18 ther hard rock cafes in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Four of the 40 bands will play at the festival.

Gugun Blues Shelter

Established bands scheduled to play at the various festivals around the world include Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart,The Killers and Adam Ant.

“This is very unique and the first time we participate in a competition through video and [online] votes,” Muhammad Gunawan, known as Gugun, said as quoted by Tuesday night.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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