Hosting some of the best beaches and ocean waves in the world, Lombok is still often overlooked, out-famed by its neighbor, Bali. Nevertheless, its exotic culture and nature sure attract lots of attention. There was once Gavin Birch, or later known better as Husin Abdullah, a New Zealand man who then fell in love with Lombok and decided to call it home till his day ended. His love for Lombok also made him start his very noble act to clean up Lombok's beaches from trash. Over time he gained follower that made his initiative create a bigger impact. This man left a legacy. Now we have Music for Lombok, a program centered around music to help the orphans in Lombok to get education and learn about the world thru new and different cultures perspective. Thru this program the children in Lombok will learn musics and foreign languages while the volunteers will experience the beautiful culture and nature of the island. It was Kat Vallera the young lady behind all this noble efforts. This Chicago native is a true traveler. After visiting so many parts of the world, she arrived in Lombok, where she was moved by the condition of the children. Wanting to give back to the beautiful island, she created Music for Lombok.

Imagine someone from hundreds of thousands of miles away wanting to do something for you. It's really unbelievably amazing. Kat is no billionaire like Bill Gates, but sure she has a big heart. She is currently gathering supports for this program. She hopes to find musicians and teachers who are willing to do benefit concerts and teach and share with the children in Lombok, and to find donors who are willing to sponsor their trips. Music for Lombok is also currently joining the Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge (click here). You can support it by leaving positive comments on the page. As a new program, Music for Lombok is also looking for volunteers to help setting up this activity as a more organized one. So, if you're a Web Developer, hit them up on their facebook page. Or if you want to do something else, I'm sure they'll gladly embrace you. GNFI support our friends at Music for Lombok. We will work together so that it will create a positive impact to the children of Lombok.

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