Rita Komalasari, 42, a resident of Menteng Jaya will be registered as the first Jakartan - and quite possibly the first Indonesian - to have an electronic ID card issued in her name by local administration officials. Komalasari was the first person called up to sit in the Menteng subdistrict office where the E-ID card procedure was tested. Komalasari sat in front of two officials and a set of new equipments, such as computer, camera, and scanner. She was assisted in transferring her whole personal data, from name to retinal scan profile, to a server linked to the main server at the Home Ministry on Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta. The whole process took 2 minutes 11 seconds. Komalasari went out and was told that she would receive her new ID card, e-KTP, in two to three weeks. “I think this ID card program is very easy and hassle-free,” she said. The Home Ministry’s Citizenship and Civil Records Director General Irman added that the conversion to e-KTP in Jakarta will begin on August 1 at two alternative places: the sub-district office and the district office. Source: TEMPO Interactive

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