Indonesian students have won so many medals from international competition around the world including in Indonesia itself. Let’s start from the competition which was held in our beloved country, Indonesia. Indonesia International Mathematics Competition 2011, held on 18-23 July 2011 in Bali. 1. Elementary School Anthony William Brian, Gian Cordana Sanjaya, Alicia Maydeline (gold medals) 2. Junior High School Agasha Kareef Ratam and Henry Wijayakusuma (gold medals) Expo Science International Event 2011 in Bratislava, Slovakia 1. Mathematical Science Category Project: COMBINATORICS IN HYPERCUBES Authors: Muhammad Nicko Anggara Buwono & Muhammad Yusuf From Sragen Bilingual Boarding School 2. Biotechnology Category Project: THE IMPACT OF EARTH WORMS (Lumbricus terrestris)     EXTRACTION OF THE INTENSIFICATION OF E. COLI BACTERIA Authors: Kartika Dwi Baswara & Muhammad Nur Pratama From Labschool Kebayoran Senior High 3. Chemistry Category Project: MODIFIED GLUCOMANNAN EXTRACT FROM PORANG AS    COMPOSITE EDIBLE FILM AND COLLOID BINDER Authors: Rizky Rachmadina & Dita Shafrina From Kharisma Bangsa Bilingual Boarding School, Tangerang Selatan The 42nd International Physics Olympiad, Bangkok, Thailand, 11-17 July 2011 1. Gold medal Erwin Wibowo (BPK Penabur State Senior High School Gading Serpong Banten) 2. Silver medal Kevin Ardian Fauzie (Santa Maria State Senior High School Pekanbaru, Riau) 3. Bronze medal Farhan Kholid (Sragen Bilingual Boarding School Central Java) Luqman Fathurrohim (Sragen Bilingual Boarding School Central Java) Imam Agung Raharja (Pribadi State Senior High School Depok) The 22nd Intrnational Biology Olympiad 2011, Taiwan, 10-17 July 2011 - Marsha Christanvia Wibowo (silver medal) - Thoriq Salafi (bronze medal) - Afandi Charles (bronze medal) - Husni Muarif (honorable mention) The 43rd International Chemistry Olympiad 2011, Ankara, Turkey, 9-18 July 2011 1. Gold medal Stephen Haniel Yunowo (SMAN 1 Purwokerto, Central Java) Joses Gradhy Nathanael (BPK Penabur State Senior High School Gading Serpong, Banten) 2. Silver medal Andhika Tangguh Pradana (Kharisma Bangsa Senior High School Tangerang) Alimatun Nashira (SMAN 1 Yogyakarta) The 53rd International Mathematics Olympiad 2011, Amsterdam, 16-24 July 2011 1. Silver medal Ivan Wangsa Cipta Lingga (BPK Penabur State Senior High School Kelapa Gading, Jakarta) Johan Gunardi (BPK Penabur State Senior High School Tanjung Duren, Jakarta) 2. Bronze medal Tobi Moektijono (IPEKA International Christian School) Stefanus Lie (BPK Penabur State Senior High School Tanjung Duren, Jakarta) Ahmad Zaky (SMAN 8 Jakarta) Pramudya Ananto (Taruna Nusantara Senior High School Magelang) The 23rd International Olympiad in Informatics 2011, Pattaya City, Thailand, 22-29 July 2011 - Frederikus Hudi (bronze medal) - William Gozali (bronze medal) The Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011, New York City, July 13th, 2011 - Category: Windows 7 Touch Challenge Team: _dreambender_ From: Telkom Institute of Technology SECOND WINNER Imagine Cup is the world’s premiere student technology competition. It provides an opportunity for students to use their creativity, passion, and knowledge of technology to help solve global challenges and make a difference in the world. While competing for cash and prizes, students gain real-life experiences, make new friends, and change the world. The Imagine Cup is one way Microsoft encourages the brightest young minds to join together and use technology to take on the toughest problems facing our world today. The 34th International Bridge Building Contest, Chicago, April 30, 2011 Ivana Edison from SMA Kristen Petra 1 (Rank 4) with efficiency 3408 The object of this contest is to see who can design, construct and test the most efficient bridge within the specifications. Model bridges are intended to be simplified versions of real-world bridges, which are designed to accept a load in any position and permit the load to travel across the entire bridge. The 18th International Mathematics Competition 2011, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 28th July-3rd August 2011 - Raja Oktovin Parhasian Damanik (University of Indonesia) - Ahmad Agung Ahkam (Telkom Institute of Technology) - Yosafat Eka Prasetya Pangalela (Bandung Institute of Technology) - Made Tantrawan (Gadjah Mada University) - Rudi Adha Prihandoko (Bandung Institute of Technology) - Satria Stanza Pramayoga (Sepuluh November Institute of Technology) - Rizky Reza Fauzi (University of Indonesia) ThinkQuest International Competition 2011 1. Science & Technology category (Earth Science) FIRST PLACE Project: ALGAE’S POWER CYCLE: TRANSFORM NOTHING INTO WEALTH Authors: Genta Indra, Ida Ayu Anom, Ika (SMAN 4 Denpasar) Coach: Ida Bagus Astawa Udayana (SMAN 4 Denpasar) Two of the world's major problems, fuel shortages and pollution, can be tackled using photosynthetic organisms called algae. This team conducted research on how algae can be converted into bio-Ethanol for energy usage while significantly reducing carbon emissions. 2. Science & Technology category (Earth Science) SECOND PLACE Project: MAKE THE PLASTICS AND PAPERS BECOME THE EARTH’S FRIEND Author: Vilia, Ikhsan, Muhammad Labib, Tuwendy, Faisal, Ben (SMAN 48 Jakarta) Coach: Tjandrawati (SMAN 48 Jakarta) Can you imagine the world without trees? This project discusses paper alternatives such as bioplastic derived from potatoes, paper made from algae, everyday materials made from bamboo, and other great tree-saving ideas. International Food Technology Competition 2011, Louisiana, June 11-14, 2011 Research: FIGHTING IRON-DEFICIENCY THROUGH IRON-ENRICHED INSTANT NOODLE PRODUCTION BY UTILIZING LOCAL INGREDIENTS Authors: Ricki Setyawan, Meidina Nurfitriani, Maya Mukti (University of Brawijaya Malang) FIRST PLACE Credits: Jakarta Globe,,,,,,,, Image Source: Translated and rewritten for Good News From Indonesia by Cindy Frishanti

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