What is the biggest issue the world is facing now? Probably, most will answer : environment. Yes, at this moment people are trying to make the Earth a better place to live. On December 24th, 2009, UN General Assembly passed a resolution agreeing to hold a Rio +20 Earth Summit in 2012. Then, a group has decided to unify all youth mobilisations around the world and there comes Road to Rio +20. It is a global youth mobilization towards the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, aiming to mobilize, inspire, empower and support young people to take action on issues of sustainable development and influence the outcomes of Rio+20. One of the Road to Rio +20 events as the Asia-Pacific contribution is World Leadership Conference which was held in Singapore, July 13th-15th, 2011. The conference theme is “Asia-Pacific: Towards Rio +20”. Experts from Singapore and other Asia-Pacific countries were invited as speakers and moderators including Stefanos Fotiou, Regional Coordinator of the UNEP’s “Resource Efficiency” programme for the Asia and the Pacific region, as the keynote speaker and Mr. Rully Prayoga from Indonesia, a Social Marketing for Social Changes practitioner who is now the East Asia Coordinator for 350.org movement, as moderator for Sustainable Development and Governance. As I had a little chat with Dwina Lubna, one of Indonesian delegates from Bandung Institute of Technology, she told me about her experience participating in the 3-days conference. “WLC is a conference about environment that discusses green economy and sustainable development,” said Dwina who got a US$250 scholarship covering registration fee and meals during the conference. As the requirement, she was asked to write an essay about why she wanted to join WLC and why she deserved the scholarship. “There are two tracks in the conference: knowledge track and policy track. The one I joined is knowledge track, so I only had the right to participate in the seminars and workshops while the participants who were on policy track had the right and obligation as policy-maker. Of course, they did have a different requirement (they had to write a paper to gain the right) and bigger responsibility too,” explained Dwina. What is the further step from this conference? “The policy-maker has made a petition that will be presented in 2012 Rio+20. WLC is—I can say—only the regional conference. The one in Brazil is the main event.” So, what do you get from the event, Dwina? “The conference has given me more knowledges and insights about green economy and sustainability. And of course, friends from another countries: Singapore, Pakistan, Brunei Darussalam, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, and Indonesia also. I hope our country can apply green economy to eradicate poverty.”   Written for Good News From Indonesia by Raisa Nabila image source : http://www.tomorrowsleaders.biz/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/World_Leadership_Conference1.jpg  

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