Indonesia Delegation for Harvard Project for Asia and International Relations (HPAIR) Asia Conference 2011 in Seoul, South Korea Since 1991, the annual HPAIR conferences have brought together the most promising students from around the world to engage in a dynamic forum with leaders in government, business, academic, and the arts. The Asia Conference has emerged as Harvard University’s largest student event in Asia. The HPAIR Asia Conference is 5-day academic program held on 19-23 August with seven panel workshops moderated by Harvard graduate students and conducted concurrently throughout the conference. The theme for 2011 Asia Conference is: “At the Crossroads: Decision in a Dynamic Asia” integrates the contents of the academic and business world to create a hybrid structure. Delegates will benefit from gaining a broader exposures to issues spanning multiple arena, including political, social, economic, cultural and bussines. Indonesia had 44 delegates which come from different universities such as ITB, UI, Unpad, UGM, UPH, etc and participats in 7 different panels. Which are Entrepreneurial Spirit: Shaping Asia's Social and Economic Future ; Economic Dynamics: International Finance and Governance, Green Dominance: Asia's Emerging Leadership in International Environmental Regulation and the Renewable Energy Market ; Asian Security in a Changing Global Environment ; International Development ; Winds of Change: Business Leadership in an Evolving Economy ; Global Asia in the Pursuit of Media Literacy. The conference events are pre-conference tours, opening ceremony, business plenary, panel sessions, seminars, career fair, field trip, university day, international night, Gala dinner and closing ceremony. At the International Night we had Ni Made Keshia from Unpad representing Indonesia’s Culture through Legong Keraton Dance. Overall the conference said Asia has so many potential in so many different aspects that waiting to be improve and develop. As a future leader, we need to go out, change the world and continuing the great development that Asia’s have right now. After the conference, Indonesia delegates has an idea to bidding the conference next year in Indonesia. Written for Good News From Indonesia by Nanda Ratna

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