As a nation which borders the sea and dependent on its use for majority of the following state activities, Indonesia is one of the biggest maritime countries in the world. Moreover, Indonesia is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. And it is the largest island country in the world by the number of islands, with more than fourteen thousand islands.

Maritime country, Indonesia has 5.8 million km2 for the sea area and 91.181 km coastline based on World Resources Institute in 1998. Based on the newest data from BPS there are 7.87 million fishermen in Indonesia.


With the good marine ecosystem of corals and underwater environment make the fishes and the other sea animals are divers. Through FAO report in 2009 Indonesia has been one of the biggest country which is supplied to the world for fishery products.  

In international markets the fishery products of Indonesia have been known as the good quality and needed to fulfil seafood menu for restaurant in Europe, USA, Japan and the other country.

Moreover not only needed as the menu in mainland restaurant or five stars hotels in all around the world but also it can be find in the restaurant in the cruises. They need Indonesian fishery product as the main menu for seafood.


Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and the other cruises provide the Indonesian fishery product for their menu in the restaurants. I had have conversation with one of staff restaurant in the cruise line in America. He said the fishery products here most of them came from Indonesia, you can see there are many box as written made in Indonesia here. It means the fishery products from your country have the best quality especially for the lobster. The fishery products from Indonesia can represent the perfect taste to our seafood menu he added in speaking.


The prospect of development Indonesia fishery product is very promising because of it was accepted in international market. A great opportunity to Indonesia grows to be a main maritime country because of the quality. Further hopefully there is a rule deal to make sure the marine ecosystem sustainable in the proper diversity and healthy environment.

In addition, there are positive impacts on Indonesian society especially for the fisherman and businessmen in the fishery product become more prosperous.

Sumber : BPS data, FAO report
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