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Indonesian Artist Exhibits Artwork alongside NASA in Singapore

Indah Gilang  Pusparani
Indah Gilang Pusparani
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Indonesian Artist Exhibits Artwork alongside NASA in Singapore

Indonesian new media artist and UFO enthusiast Vincencius “Venzha” Christiawan is slated to display his artwork alongside NASA’s objects at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum from Nov. 19 to March 19, 2017.

At the "NASA: A Human Adventure" exhibition, Venzha will present a large rocket-shaped artwork named ISSS: Indonesia Space Science Society, according to “[My artwork] was picked among other candidates according to the ArtScience Museum director,” Venzha said.

Venzha is also listed as one of the speakers for the "Conversation: Dream Space" discussion during the opening day alongside notable figures, such as the exhibition curator Jukka Nurminen, Singapore Space & Technology Association (SSTA) director Lynette Tan.

Vincencius "Venzha" Christiawan had his artwork on display at ARTJOG in Yogyakarta earlier this year. image:
Vincencius "Venzha" Christiawan had his artwork on display at ARTJOG in Yogyakarta earlier this year. image:


The artist previously presented artwork with a similar theme at ARTJOG exhibition in Yogyakarta earlier this year, in which he collaborated with Myung Hyun Rhee from Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) in South Korea. The artwork, which received much praise from visitors, aims to form new networks and institutions in the field of astronomy and space science. Using an antenna, visitors were able to hear data from different sources at the exact moment. 

Venzha, whose interest in UFOs began since childhood, admitted that he once witnessed a flying object when he was in the US and Indonesia. In the US, he saw the object during his visit to Area 51 in 2013 and in New Mexico in 2015. His UFO observation results in Area 51 was then exhibited in the US. He also reportedly saw such an object in Banyuwangi, East Java, in 2015.

Source : The Jakarta Post

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