I still remember when I tasted you

I wouldn’t believe that it could be true

It was the first time in my life

And if you were a human

I would make you my wife

This lyric had been a trending back then for Indonesian people because this song is about a local food in Indonesia, Nasi Padang. What makes this become more interesting is the fact that the singer, as well as the writer of the song, is a Norwegian musician named Audun Kvitland Rosad. He created this song based on his personal experience when he visited Indonesia in July 2016 and that was the first time he tasted Nasi Padang.

A couple days ago, GNFI had an interesting conversation with Audun. He was telling a lot about his experience in Indonesia, especially Nasi Padang. Audun first encounters with Nasi Padang in Jakarta when he traveled due to a vacation, he then falling in love with this food right at the first time he tasted it.

“It was love at the first bite, haha!” Audun’s said to GNFI

The song of Nasi Padang according to this singer was indeed created based on love feeling just like when someone who is falling in love with other human beings.

“Yes, you know, a musician when they are in love, they will definitely make a song. So that I made this song to express that love feeling and I thought there is no love song with food as the main theme before. Therefore, I think this would look so much fun,” he said.

It is commonly known that the seasoning and the authentic sauce of Nasi Padang that poured onto the rice are usually spicy. However, that is why he loves with Nasi Padang

“LuckiIy I like spicy foods and I think Nasi Padang has unique combination of taste with various side dishes in it,” Audun’s said. Audun felt a bit sad because he had to Nasi Padang when he left Jakarta. He precisely knew it is hard to find that delicious food in his country. But, finally, he met again with Nasi Padang when he invited to Oslo, Norway.  He got an invitation from a woman who is originally from Padang, Indonesia, in order to taste her homemade Nasi Padang.

Because of his song, in December 2016 Audun got an invitation to visit Padang by the local government and he is genuinely happy. Furthermore, Audun also had a lot of request for an interview from newspapers, radios and televisions in Norway about Nasi Padang.

“I hope people of Norway knows about this food,” said Audun to GNFI.

The Memorable Indonesia

The Nasi Padang song is a creation he made after first time he visited Jakarta. Jakarta and Indonesia became his part of life ever since he visited Jakarta for the first time, he admired couple thing from Indonesia such as the local wisdom of Indonesian society and the  variety of the nature.

Audun said, “Indonesia has many beautiful natures I have ever seen, the mountains, the farms, forests and the waterfalls. When I saw those beautiful things, I felt like I was visiting another planet because it looks cool."

Audun when visited Flores on last October 2016 (photo: kvitland.com/Petter Heggen/)
Audun when visited Flores on last October 2016 (photo: kvitland.com/Petter Heggen/)

Indonesian people have taken his heart personally, he thinks that Indonesian are so nice from the young man to the elder. Last December Audun had a surprised because of so many comments “Om Telolet Om” in his video.

“I was kind of confused in the beginning, what is Om Telolet Om”? I looked for an information on Youtube about it and finally know it. It is indeed unique, I have never experienced this kind of thing before,” Said Audun.

Mr. Kvitland is a Youtuber with 17.000 subscribers and he has a plan to release a new song in February or March with Indonesia as the themes. He also has a plan to release a Nasi Padang song with Indonesian language as duet.

Good news! Audun will release a Bahasa duet version of Nasi Padang song (photo: Audun Kvitland)
Good news! Audun will release a Bahasa duet version of Nasi Padang song (photo: Audun Kvitland)

In a closing conversation with GNFI, Kvitland express his feeling that he misses Indonesia when he remembered Nasi Padang

“When I visited a country, I tried  many local foods and I think Nasi Padang is a good representative for Indonesian food, Unfortunately, that was the last time I tasted Nasi Padang in my last day in Indonesia.”  He said.



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