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Raden Roro: New World Icon [UPDATED with video]

Reza Arroisi
Reza Arroisi
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Raden Roro: New World Icon [UPDATED with video]

Her name is still not widely known as a designer. However, her work eventually gains worldwide recognition after she launched her own label. She is Liquica Anggraini Raden Roro. She owns the label of Raden Roro and launched it in New York , United States, three years ago.

Raden Roro products

This 33-year-old lady born in Bandung, Indonesia, has expanded her wings to Indonesia under Harvey Nichols in Grand Indonesia. She is interested in the fashion world since she set foot in the fashion world cities, New York, ten years ago. She studied fashion at the Fashion Institute Tecnology.

Raden Roro shoe division

Liquica chooses colors that are not synonymous with women like pink or purple. Instead, she just chooses masculine colors like black, khaki, pale gray, or colors of army and navy, and maroon. In addition to that, she did not want to drift in the trend that was well-liked in general. She wants her design be used at all the time.

Her collection can be found easily in America such as in Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, South Carolina, Virginia and New York, and also outside US, like Tokyo, Dubai, and Puerto Rico. Now, it's present in Jakarta as a return home and expands its market here.

In the clip below she mentioned about getting involved with the popular show 90210.

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Raden Roro
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