Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 1:Fashion)

Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 1:Fashion)
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Indonesia's global brands for bag, shoes, and lifestyle items: Delia Von Rueti, Nilou, Sabbatha, and Bagteria.

They are Indonesian brands which are currently known world wide as luxurious life style items.

Delia von Rueti

She is a handbag and jewelry designer, her collections use exotic materials like corals, reptile skins, sheep skin. All shows bold and excellent craftsmanship. She opens her flagships in Zurich, Geneva, New York, La Jolla and Milan. Her high profile clients include Ani Yudhoyono (SBY’s wife), Michele Yeoh, Brit Bluebloods, and Al Fayeds. Visit the website here:

Nilou (Niluh Djelantik)

Comfort and quality are prerequisites in all Niluh's designs. Years of wearing high heels have taught her exactly what women wants in a shoe. The platform is made of rubber, embedded in the shoe structure. This ensures even weight distribution, regardless of heel height. Triple leathers are used with leather stacked heels. Niluh Djelantik shoes end up as beautifully crafted pieces of wearable art. No wonder women like Uma Thurman and supermodel Gisele Budchen wearing her high heels


Every one of Sabbatha’s bags tells its own story with its arrangement of icons – the mix may include semiprecious stones, beads, and freshwater pearls, pieces of carved deer antler and buffalo horn, tassels, even antique coins. Produced in quantities of 5 to 10, each comes with its own certificate of authentication and a card bearing Sabbatha’s philosophy of life – retail from USD 500 up to Rp 2,500. They have already reportedly found favor with Hollywood celebrities, let say: Katie Holmes, supermodel Elle Macperson, and singer Helena Paparizou (one of his video clip use Sabbatha’s cover dress). Sabbatha may be found in Indonesia, Mumbai, Hawaii, Roma, Amsterdam, Milan, Cannes, Florence, Sydney, St. Tropez, Tokyo (Aug 09) and Moskow (Nov 09)


Bagteria was founded in 2000 by designer Nancy Go, Nancy uses traditional handcraft techniques such as embroidery, beadwork, and croche to craft the unique and collectible bag with their exquisite intricacy and quality. Many famous and well known ladies like Paris Hilton, Emma Thompson, Princess Zara Phillips, and Martine McCutcheon have been spotted with bagteria handbag to further enhance the beauty of their outfits. Bagteria’s stores are located in Italy (7) , Germany (4), Russia (1), Switzerland (1), Spain (3), Kuwait (4), Saudi Arabia (1), United Kingdom (2), France (2), Taiwan (1), Belgium (1), Japan (6), Malaysia (1), Korea (3), Hongkong (2), and Indonesia (2).

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