Extended : Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 4: Tiles)

Extended : Indonesia's Global Brands (Part 4: Tiles)
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This is the 4th part of Indonesia's global brands series. This time, let's talk about tiles. ESSENZA I was once in a building construction site in Singapore when I found that the contractor used Essenza tiles for the flooring. Only this morning I found out that Essenza is purely Indonesian product, and have been exported to the capital of tiles of the world, Italy. Made by PT Essensi Keramik Prima in Tangerang, Essenza has been exported to over 25 countries worldwide, and it is one of the few in the world to produce tiles sized 60x60 cm. MULIA CERAMICS The name shows that it is Indonesian product. But only few people knows that Mulia Ceramics, which produces brands like Accura, Maxima, prisma, Legend, Crystal, Magna, Ceramica Europa, and Signature, dominates the US market. They have exported those products to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Platinum Ceramics

PT. Platinum Ceramics Industry is one of the leading ceramic tiles manufacturer in Indonesia. Adopting the latest and most advanced technology, PT Platinum Ceramics Industry produces and markets a comprehensive range of products consisting of wall tiles, floor tiles, decorative tiles with many range of sizes.

With various designs, colors, types, and sizes, they have provided aesthetically superior and sophisticated lifestyle to customers worldwide. Platinum Ceramics Industry (upholding brands like Asia Tiles, and Platinum) has been exporting their products to over 60 countries in 5 continents.

PT Platinum Ceramics Industry is contunously absorbing Indonesian culture and embracing global trends. Next time you renovate or build a house, you know what to use for flooring.

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