The Amazing Ones

The Amazing Ones
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Have you guys been watching the Amazing Race Asia season 4? If you have, you are sure to notice this striking team of father and daughter, as they always proudly wear clothes with Indonesian flags on them! As an avid follower of the race, I can't help feeling proud seeing their showcase of spirit and pride, week after week. Way to go, Natasha and Hussein!
Natasha Sutadisastra, 24, Legal Admin | Hussein Baron S., 53, Educator Father and Daughter, Indonesia
Even before the race has begun, Natasha and Hussein have already broken a new TARA record, by being the first father-daughter team in the show’s history! Natasha is without doubt, the quintessential daddy’s girl. The affection between the two is palpable, for Hussein practically beams with pride when he talks about his daughter, who was recently crowned Miss South Jakarta 2007. Having resided in the US, China and Canada for a number of years and toured much of Asia, Africa and Europe, Hussein is as seasoned a traveller as they come. Despite her youth, Natasha is catching up fast with her dad in clocking global adventures. As avid fans of the show, the globe-trotters have been hard at work, poring over every detail of all three seasons of TARA, as well as the US version, while building up their fitness at the same time. They have always treasured spending quality time with each other; in fact, Natasha introduced him to Facebook and even clubs with Dad! For Hussein, the race is one of the very last opportunities for them to hang out together, before Natasha gets married. Aww.
They have so far made it to the Top 5 of the race. Dont forget to catch tonight's leg of the race on AXN as they will be racing in the beautiful island of Lombok! GNFI wishes Good luck to Natasha and Hussein. Make us proud! Source: AXN Asia

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