Indonesian Robots Covered in Glory in America

Indonesian Robots Covered in Glory in America
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The ablitiy of Indonesian youth in robotics is indubitably on a par with the countries having ruled the roost in the same field. Indonesia has often filled a lot of column inches in the national or international press dealing with world robot contest championships. Recently, a robotic team of Sultan Agung Islamic University (Unissula) Semarang has won the international robot contest dubbed ‘Trinity College International Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest’ that was held at Oosting Gymnasium Trinity College Ferris Athletic Center Hartford, United States from April 2-3.

According to Unissula Public Relations, Monday (4), the team comprising Faisal Aminuddin (team leader), La Ode Muhammad Idris and Ahmad Zuhri was carrying four robots, two wheeled fire fighting robots named Khaum I and II, and two legged fire fighting robots named Sultan Agung I and Sultan Agung II.

Lasted for two days and was divided into three levels of the game, the team encountered some challenges along with increasing difficulty levels. The speed of execution, dexterity and foresight to detect hotspots including the movement towards a full-of-obstacles, flaming room were parts of the appraisal.

As a result, the overall winner title was won after buying up a variety of titles encompassing the first and the second winner (senior category) for the wheeled fire fighting robot, the first and the second winner in the class of legged fire fighting robot, the award-winning robot with the best performance (grand performance) as well as the highest score (best score) at the level of two and three.

The prototype that has an aptitude for extinguishing the fire and acting as a search and rescue (SAR) to rescue a baby in a house set ablaze had successfully outperformed 80 other participants from various countries such as China, Israel and the United States.

In the wake of this, Idris said that the toil day and night preparing a robot to vie in America finally produced maximum results. "We experienced a major hindrance both during the preparation and during the competition in America. One of them was the rule (regulatory changes) which suddenly made the race readiness ahead of the competition disrupted. Even the day before the race there was a new rule changed. Thus, the robots that we have made must be reset and even team had trouble getting the required components,” he said.

"However, we are verily grateful to God that we can be the overall winner in a country that has been the mecca of world technological advances. We are also thrilled to bits that as an official representative of Indonesia can fly the national flag with a sense of pride," the student of the Faculty of Technology added.

In the mean time, the vice rector III, Sarjuni Sag M.hum, who directly assisted in America expresses his gratitude and contentment. "This achievement proves that the students of Unissula are also able to compete and aim high at international level and could even become the overall winner. We owe the academic community, Head of Unissula and board of YBWSA a great debt of gratitude for this achievement,” he stated.

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