8 Funny Stereotypes of Filipinos

8 Funny Stereotypes of Filipinos

Filipino and Philippines Flag (chinadevelopmentagenda.com)

Filipino Loves Karaoke

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Daniel Espanto (Why Not Cococnut)

There are many activities Filipinos like such as basketball, soccer, Badminton and etc. However, in all we have mentioned before, there a funny stereotype that simply firmly attached when people stereotyping Filipino. Karaoke, yes ! Filipinos love to sing and many of them have dreamt to be a professional singer. Therefore, if you have Filipinos friend, take them to karaoke. They will absolutely love to do that.

They Are so Friendly

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Filipinos are always friendlly ad fun (The Filipino Expat)

When you meet the Filipinos, you will feel like they have known you for very long time and suddenly being a best friend. Filipinos know how to spend and enjoy your life with another. They like to share things like their thought and their feeling. This behavior will likely make you feel you find your other piece.

The Taglish and the English accent

Taglish refers to Tagalog (the original language of Philippine) and English. It is a combination between both language and used in conversation in daily basis of Filipinos. Foreigner maybe confused when Filipino has a conversation with other Filipino because they always mix the English language with tagalog. Moreover, English accent has its own accent when its pronounce in non-English Speaking countries. One of the Youtuber named Mikey Bustos made the tutorial for Filipino accent.

Rice Everyday

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Rice everyday !(eco-business.com)

For the Southeast Asia countries people it is quite common that we eat rice, however, the stereotypes of Filipino in western or people who are not from Southeast Asia countries is they love rice and will eat rice every single day.

Basketball is Number One Sport They Like

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Basketball for life (Winnipeg Free Press)

Football or soccer is probably the most popular sport in the world, but for Filipino, Basketball is the most popular sport in their country. Yep, Filipino averagely chooses basketball rather than soccer and most of them have dream to be an NBA player in the future .

Filipino’s Spanish Name

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How Pinoy Are You ? (BuzzFeed)

Ever since Philippines had been colonized by Spanish for 77 years. The culture in Philippines affected by Spanish during the colonization. Therefore you may find many Spanish culture in Philippines including many Spanish name such as Leonore, Daves, Enrique and many other names.

The “Filipino Time”

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The true meaning of Filipino Time (Filipiknow)

People in Philippines obviously know this words. Filipino time is unlike the “me time” or whatsoever. Filipino Time refers to the time when you make an appointment. For instance, if you have an appointment to gather in a mall at 4.00 pm, instead of being on-time to attend at the all at 4.00 pm, Filipino will go to the mall at 4.00 pm and yes, they will be late.

Manny Pacquiao Is The Biggest Inspiration

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The Boxing Legend (Ring News 24)

As the world sensation and one of the greatest boxer in the world, Manny Pacquiao brought a good name of Philippines in boxing sport. He became one of powerful person in Philippines. If you are asking Filipino about Manny, they will certainty answer that he is a huge inspiration for Filipinos.

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